Here we go

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but have been putting it off.  I have a hard time imagining that anyone would be interested in what I have to say, so I finally decided to do it for me, and if anyone else reads it, that’s fine.  I’ve found more and more that I’ve been writing blog posts in my head, so I might as well write them down and then I don’t have to keep track anymore.

On the el this morning, I was thinking about the financial crisis. Actually, I was thinking about how dire the financial crisis seems, but how personally unaffected I am by it, so far at least.  Despite the negative news…life just seems to go on as normal.  I get up, pour cereal for the kids, take a shower, get dressed, go to work, etc. It’s all just very normal.  I realize that a lot of people are very affected by it, so I’m counting my blessings.  As much as I can, I focus on the here and now. I’m healthy today, my kids are healthy today, we can pay the bills today. Tomorrow will sort itself out.


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