This still feels weird

I guess any new activity feels weird until you get used to it. I still feel like it’s really egomaniacal to have a blog and expect that someone will be interested in it. And yet here I’m writing.

Today is my dear cousin Margaret’s birthday.  She’s had a rough 18 months or so, with the death of her brother, her husband’s illness (he’s recovered), a major move to the midwest, and job uncertainty in the financial services industry. I’m sending lots of love her way (although I still haven’t put her card in the mail.  still haven’t bought her card.) 

I find the whole Sarah Palin circus to be, well, a circus.  It bothers me that people find it acceptable to completely trash her.  There’s a difference between saying that she’s unqualified to be the vice president (because she could end up being the president) and saying that she’s an idiot/bad mother/nut case.  I don’t know when it became acceptable in our society to personally attack people you don’t even know.  I liked Jon Meacham’s article in Newsweek this week – it was very sensible and balanced:  Sums up my feelings exactly. I watched part of the debate last night – consensus seems to be that the loser was…Tom Brokaw.  I’ll feel better when Obama has a 10+ point lead in the polls.  (Maybe he does by now – I haven’t checked the latest poll results.



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2 responses to “This still feels weird

  1. annie

    Nice to see some of your thoughts here!

    big hugs,

  2. Bruce

    You’ve got at least one person reading it! Keep it up Deb, you have a lot to say and offer. Hope things are going well at the Midwest University and with life in general.


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