Eat my dust, Mom

Emma and I ran the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k race this morning.  I thought the point was that we were running it together, but apparently I was mistaken, as I discovered immediately after the starting horn, when I found myself inhaling Emma’s dust.  Running the race by myself wasn’t bad – I got into the solitude of it after about the first mile.  Emma and I had different race strategies. She ran a really fast first mile and then slowed down; my first mile was my slowest at 8:42.  I ran each mile a bit faster than the last, and finished in 52:13 (it might have been a bit before that – I forgot to look at the clock as I crossed the finish line – I know, how could I run the whole race and forget to look at the clock? I was busy looking for Emma.) The thing I’m most proud of is that I beat my last year’s time by 3 minutes.  The thing I’m second-most-proud of is that, after running the whole race separately, Emma crossed the finish line only about 10 seconds ahead of me.

It was a beautiful Fall day in Oak Park – cool and windy.  A perfect day for a 6.2 mile run (of such a day exists.)  I felt good throughout the race, although Mile 6 was a killer.  I’m glad I did it, I’m glad Emma and I did it “together”, and I’m glad it’s over.

No rest for the weary – now I have to go clean the garage.



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2 responses to “Eat my dust, Mom

  1. you’re far more fleet-footed than i am! way to go on shaving 3 minutes from your finish time.

  2. I’m weepy- that is a wonderful post, and It’s so cool to see you and an actual real teenage daughter doing something together.And she’s smiling! Gasp!

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