Random thoughts from election day

1. Funniest line of the day (from a t-shirt vendor in Grant Park, when I asked how much the t-shirts were): “$20, and you get two free buttons.  If you don’t want the free buttons, it’s $15.”

2. Best salutation: Obama’s rock-star opening line to the crowd in Grant Park: “Hello, Chicago!”

3. I just don’t know what to make of the CNN holograms.  Interesting, but freaky and weird.  As one commenter said, “Help me, Obama-wan-kenobi, you’re my only hope.”  The weirdest was will.i.am of the Black-Eyed Peas.  He should probably keep his job as a rock star, because I don’t think he has a future as a commentator.

4. Who was that guy that Oprah was leaning on in Grant Park? Do you think she knew him? (Update at 1:02 p.m.: She didn’t know him. oprah-now-that.html)

5. I don’t mean to be uncharitable (and this will be my only negative comment), but could Michelle Obama have been wearing an uglier dress?  It looked like she spilled bleach on it. (Okay, so it was a really expensive ugly dress: chi-michelle-obama-dress-story,0,1949360.story)

6. The Onion headline this morning: “African-American elected to worst job in America.”

7. John McCain was a class act. I thought that his concession speech hit exactly the right notes.  I was struck by his humility and dignity.

8. If you need further evidence that Pennsylvania is “Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in-between”, all you had to do was look at how the state voted.  Circle of blue in the lower right-hand corner, line of blue in the west, and a solid mass of red in-between. 

9.  Wonder what Peter Fitzgerald was thinking last night.  He chose not to run for re-election to the Senate in 2004, opening the way for Obama’s election to the Senate, and his cannon-shot onto the national stage. 

10. Maybe we’ll look back on the financial crisis as a blessing, as it sealed the deal for Barack Obama’s election.  I hope so.

Back to work!



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2 responses to “Random thoughts from election day

  1. Mary Erangey

    Thanks for your #4 item. You answered the unanswered question that buzzed around the halls of our office “Who WAS that guy Oprah was leaning on?” Phew!

    Thanks to for your #7 item. McCain bolstered my spirits and my hope for a resurgent sense of unity in this country.

  2. Deborah Maue

    I think it’s so funny that it was just a random guy! he definitely didn’t look like he was part of Oprah’s regular crowd. Think about the story he can tell his co-workers!

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