Frog Jesus

The other day I received an email with a video link from a certain person I used to be married to who shall remain nameless.  While he and I have different opinions on many issues, I respect his opinions, and usually read or view the things he sends me.  He’s no Barack Obama fan, so the emails have been coming more regularly of late.  This particular email was odd, as it contained only a YouTube video link, with no explanation.  I pasted the link and was taken to the following video, entitled “Frog Jesus”:

I spent the next twelve or so hours trying to figure out why he had sent it to me and what it meant. I didn’t want to ask him, because I didn’t want to appear stupid or naive (a character defect which gets me into trouble on a fairly regular basis.) Was the frog supposed to represent Barack Obama, and the way many Americans are making him out to be “The One”? But what was the meaning of the crucifixion? Was he mocking the fear that many people have that Obama won’t make it through his first term? 

It wasn’t until yesterday morning, when I pasted the link into the blog, intending to ask the readers what you thought the meaning was, that I realized that there must have been an internal error in YouTube which took me to the Frog Jesus video, instead of this Obama video, where he makes reference to the 57 United States, which he was intending to send to Emma:

But I’m still haunted by Frog Jesus, and the person who made it. What WERE they thinking?


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  1. Ben

    I made it. If you meditate on it about it for a while longer, you might just figure out what I was thinking.


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