Another Friday of odds and ends

It’s been a light blogging week, folks.  The AMA Higher Ed conference wore me out.  I’ll try to do better next week, but here’s today’s hit parade of odds and ends:

1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Joseph Jaffe talks about how the Big 3 automakers got themselves into this mess, and how frustrating it is to think about bailing them out:

2. This is without a doubt the stupidest study I’ve ever read. I guess 100% of people have long-term developmental problems, because EVERY ONE of our parents used front-facing strollers:

3. I can just picture Pete’s dad (who used to be general counsel at Helene Curtis, back in the day) shaking his head:,,20238396,00.html

4. I know it’s a turkey, but who’s that with Sarah Palin:

5. I’m not a huge Rosie fan (more like a Rosie agnostic) but this is pretty funny:

6. Jack is back. I don’t care if it’s getting mediocre reviews, I’m still going to watch it:

7. Amen, Kathleen:,0,1115580.column


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