Early Christmas Presents

My sister Carolyn sent early Christmas presents to David and Margaret.  Since they adore her, they couldn’t wait to put on their new things:


(Is that chin yummy enough to eat, or what?)

Margaret insists that Carolyn drew Santa and the presents on the front of the jammies. (No, honey, it was actually Macy’s.)


(Are those cheekbones yummy enough to eat, or what?)

David’s proudly preparing for his role as Prancer in tomorrow night’s Holiday program at his Montessori School. (What can I say…it’s a pivotal role.)

I don’t have a photo of Emma with her early gift, which was an Advent calendar with a Starbucks chocolate for every day of December, and which she was supposed to share with David and Margaret.  Yeah, right.


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One response to “Early Christmas Presents

  1. Carolyn

    I love this! I didn’t know your blog was connected to Linked In. What is Linked In anyway? I get very confused. Love you, C
    P.S. I told Mom not to get us presents this year. She was fine with that. 🙂

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