I’ve fallen for Yak Trax


(Disclaimer: this is not our back yard.)

I used to get irritated with my mother over her fear of falling on the ice.  This was when I was much younger.  I don’t know at what point along the way it happened, but I’m now terrified of falling on the ice.  This probably has something to do with the fact that I seem to know more and more people my age who have fallen and broken bones, including my nine-months-younger-than me cousin Margaret, who fell on the ice and broke her wrist last week (an injury that the doctor explained was “common in middle-aged women.” Which hurt more than the broken wrist.)

I can’t remember where I first heard of Yak Trax, but I’ve had them in the back of my mind for a while, and then one of my colleagues told me that she got them for her mother, and they’re wonderful. So I bought some today, and have ordered them for various family members.  (Note to any guys reading:  Don’t buy them as a Christmas gift. That would be worse than a toaster.)  They seem great so far, and I wanted to pass them along.


The website is difficult to navigate, but I recommend ordering them on-line. They’re available at Sportmart as well, but they’re more expensive, and the two Sportmarts I went to were sold out of most sizes, as they’ve become very popular.

The only problem is that Yak Trax sounds like Moose Tracks, and that makes me want to eat ice cream. Not something I need right now, given all of the Christmas cookies I’ve eaten…


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One response to “I’ve fallen for Yak Trax

  1. Margot Karpinski

    Hey Deb:

    As you may know, we had an incredible two weeks of snow where many of us were stranded because our city doesn’t have enough plows to deal with any neighborhood streets unless they are thoroughfares.

    I went to work one day and had a very stressful time. First I had to get off of our street, then I get to work and can’t park in the parking lot because it is very steep and was covered in snow/ice and then one of my coworkers decided to go to lunch around the corner and it took us 10-15 minutes when it normally would be about 3 minutes!!! After that, I told my boss I wouldn’t be back to work until the weather cleared up.

    When I did return to work (almost two weeks later), my boss had purchased Yak Trax for everyone. Since I had taken a long walk one night to the Max (light rail) so that I could go shopping and go to the Blazers game and my normal snow shoes are Uggs, I truly appreciated this gift even though I received them after the snow had melted. When I thanked my boss, he was surprised that I appreciated them so much and I told him about your blog and also my long walk.

    Just a little something to let you know I do check your blog from time to time.

    Send my love to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Love, Margot

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