And then the cosmic forces of the universe laughed at me

I love karma…except when it bites me in the ass.

Yesterday, Tim received in the mail a traffic citation for making a right turn on red.  (Actually, I received it, as the van is registered in my name.) Complete with a photo of our vehicle making said turn. A $100 ticket.

And I was quietly fuming, as the last thing we need right now is a an extra $100 fee for anything.  So I made it clear to him that paying the ticket was his responsibility, as the mistake was his.

So imagine my surprise today, when I came out of my Saturday Al-anon meeting, listened to my voicemail messages, and found a message from the Oak Park Police Department, notifying me that my van was blocking someone’s driveway, and asking if I would please come and move it.  As I ran to the van, I saw the ticket on the windshield, and the cop parked across the street. As I got closer, I saw the garage door open, with two cars inside, both unable to move because I was blocking their exit.  (In my defense, the snow was piled so that I couldn’t see that it was a driveway and not a sidewalk, and there are so  many signs on the street it’s really difficult to tell from the signs where you can park and where you can’t.) The cop was really nice and said that he had to give me a ticket, which I graciously  accepted (I really did, I’m serious).  The $20 fee (which I thought would be much higher, given that the ticket for an expired meter is $30 in Oak Park) was nothing compared to the feeling of knowing that I had probably prevented this family from going to ballet class, or out to breakfast, or to do last-minute Christmas preparations, given that it’s December 20.  I consider myself lucky – I really deserved more than a $20 ticket for inconveniencing this family for an hour.

So there, Miss High and Mighty. What do you have to say for yourself now?



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2 responses to “And then the cosmic forces of the universe laughed at me

  1. that is not that bad of a ticket! Just be glad they did not have to tow you, and then stick you with a ticket + a towing bill.

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