The Maue Sisters take their act on the road

Fred, Deb, Phil, Carolyn

Fred, Deb, Phil, Carolyn

One of the highlights of the holiday for me was last Sunday, when my sister Carolyn and I sang duets in my brother Phil’s church in Shamokin, PA.  He plays the organ in a little UCC church.  It’s such a small church that the Maue family just about doubled the size of the congregation on that particular Sunday. 

Phil is playing the piano in both of these videos, but unfortunately, the Maue Sisters are standing directly in front of him,  so you can’t even tell he’s there until the end of the second video.

“What Shall I Give Him?”

“The Gift Of Love”

Next year, we’re going to get my brother Fred and sister-in-law Leta Jo in on the act.  Maybe we’ll just take over the service and do a concert. The Maue family…give us an inch, we take a yard.

Other photos from Sunday:

Emma and Fred

Emma and Fred



Mame and Mom

Mame and Mom



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3 responses to “The Maue Sisters take their act on the road

  1. Margaret

    I am so glad you posted these! Mom told me how good your duets were and I was really disappointed that we weren’t still home to hear you.

  2. Diane

    I’ve so enjoyed your posts lately, especially your recap of the holidays. I’m remiss too in the season’s greetings department….but know that we were thinking of you and all the Maue’s (including Uncle Bob ) over the holidays. Love the Maue Sister’s schtick!
    xox Diane

  3. wow…u and carolyn have great pipes! such wonderful voices.

    thanks for sharing…..

    bill in san jose….

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