Odds and ends (mostly odds)

1. Why is Oprah’s boyfriend, Stedman, in the news all the time these days?


Oh wait, never mind. That’s Eric Holder.

2. Thank you Sully, pilot of the airliner that crashed into the Hudson River.  In addition to saving the lives of all 150 people on board the plane, you provided a real-life eaxmple of one of the messages I’m trying to impart to Emma, teen student driver, who argues that you can be a really good driver without lots of experience.  It was the years and years of experience you had that made you know instinctively what to do in a crisis, and allowed you to stay calm and do what you had to do under immense pressure. 

3. Thought I’d give you the  schedule for Inaguration Day, in case you hadn’t seen it.  If you call me on Tuesday, I probably won’t answer the phone, at least between about 11-2. I’m just sayin’. Email me if you need me.

4. In case you missed the first few episodes of the new season of “24”, let me give you the highlights: bad people are putting the people of the U.S. in danger, Jack Bauer used illegal force against said bad people to get them to tell him what’s going on, and then Jack did something really dangerous that caused an accident that he should have died from, but he’s fine (just a little out of breath.) Wait, I’m sorry. That was the last season of “24”. Or the one before that.  (Full disclusure: I am a huge “24” fan.)

5. Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of people are suddenly disappearing from cruise ships? Add that to my list of reasons not to go on a cruise, right after “seasickness”.

6. Remember my point about beer drinking in Central PA earlier in the week (the fact that people still drink a lot of it, even though it’s a real hassle to buy it?) Here are the statistics.



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2 responses to “Odds and ends (mostly odds)

  1. Karla Procopio

    Okay Deb- I always enjoy your blog, but today’s was stellar- for real. The link to the News-Item article was hilarious… any paper that publishes a story that has a sentence citing “booze sales” and actually says “cracking open a cold one” deserves its own link on millions of blogs around the world.

    I also enjoyed the blog about David wanting a puppy and of course, who could forget the one with Myrna and her chicka “singing.”

    You make it seem so easy, and admittedly you make me want to write my own in order to share the new and unusual directions my life has been following lately.

    Keep up the great job- love you-


    • Deborah Maue

      Thanks, Karla. I’m having so much fun with the blog. It’s a really great creative outlet for me, and I’m glad to know that other people like what I write. It’s really easy to start a blog – I’d be happy to help you.


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