Inauguration observations


1. I feel sorry for John Roberts.  He may be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but yesterday was his big moment.  Here’s a guy who has been perfect his entire life, and on his big day, he gets overconfident and blows it.  I can imagine his conversation with his wife beforehand:

Mrs. Chief Justice: I think you should read the oath, just to be safe.

Mr. Chief Justice: Don’t be ridiculous.  It’s only 35 words, and I have it memorized already. I don’t need to read it.

Mrs. Chief Justice: Have it your way, but I think you’re making a mistake.

I wonder if the other justices will tease him.

2. One of my favorite moments of the day was Bill Clinton helping George H. W. Bush down the corridor before they made their separate entrances into the VIP stands.  H.W. was walking with considerable difficulty, but walking by himself.  After the Clintons greeted H.W. and Barbara, Clinton helped him walk in that “I know you don’t need any help walking, so let’s just pretend that I’m holding on to you because I’m so glad to see you and I don’t want to let go” kind of way.  They’re obviously very fond of each other. Which is nice. 

3. My least favorite moment of the day was the crowd booing W. as he arrived at the inauguration.  Was that really necessary? He’s leaving office knowing that an overwhelming majority of people think he did a crappy job.  Did you have to rub his nose in it? He’s a human being, and at that point, still the President, fairly elected (even if you think he wasn’t fairly elected in 2000, he was in 2004).  After the oath, President Obama greeted him warmly and said, “Thank you, Mr. President, and Godspeed.” (I read his lips.) Now that’s class.

4. Was I the only person who thought that Dick Cheney looked like Mr. Potter in that wheelchair?  I was waiting for him to say, “Geeooorrggge Bailey.”

5. President Obama doesn’t know how to dance. I’m sorry. He just doesn’t.

6. Someone joked that the moment the oath was over, John Paul Stevens handed in his resignation from the Supreme Court.

Exciting day.  Made me proud to be an American. Now back to normal life.


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