Odder ends

1. Last week, Governor Blagojevich compared his arrest to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and said that the whole thing is part of a conspiracy on the part of Illinois lawmakers to raise taxes.  Today, he said that he thought about selecting Oprah to fill Obama’s senate seat.  Hey, why not throw in Cardinal George, while you’re at it?

Further evidence that he’s a special kind of crazy, and there ain’t no medication for it. Can we just get this trial over with, please, and move on?

2. It’s called “social media” for a reason, folks.  Two weeks ago, an account VP from the Atalnta office of Ketchum, a very large PR agency, landed in Memphis to meet with FedEx, the largest client of the Atlanta office.  Upon landing, he tweeted something to the effect that if he had to live in a place like Memphis, he’d kill himself.  Well, unfortunately, some of the FedEx people he was about to meet with were his followers on Twitter, and they took great offense.  The full story is here. Just a reminder that everything we say in the social media world is public, not private. I don’t know what I would do if I were Ketchum..but I’m very glad I don’t have to make the decision.

3.  I made Shepherd’s Pie in the crock pot tonight, but I’m going to spare you this one, because it wasn’t very good.  My family just wishes that I had spared them.

4. I just found out they pushed back the date of the digital TV change-over, and we’re going to have four more months of hearing about it.  Please, let this end.  The people who haven’t heard about it yet are not going to hear about it in the next four months, and I’m still going to hear about it every day.

5. If January doesn’t end soon, I think I shall perish.  Further, if February is anything like January, I think I shall perish.

6.  I think that one of the most dangerous jobs in the world is “former girlfriend of a famous athlete.” I don’t mean to sound harsh, but they seem to have a high mortality rate, for whatever reason. I’m just saying.

7. The TiVo did not record tonight’s episode of “24”, so I have to implement a total news black-out until tomorrow night when I can watch it on hulu.  Don’t tell me what happened!

This was particularly “stream of consciousness” tonight, wasn’t it?



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2 responses to “Odder ends

  1. Scott

    2. My kids are Friends of mine on Facebook. That makes you think twice before posting.

    3. Chrys makes a tasty Shepherd’s Pie. Get her formula as a condition of The Messenger interview.

    7. Another unbelievable turn of events on 24. Worth the wait.

  2. Deborah Maue

    My kid refuses to be my friend on Facebook. Now I can’t wait to watch 24!

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