Super Bowl musings

1. Oh, please, the crew of the US Airways flight? Give me a break.

2.  Can there really be any player who doesn’t know the rules of the coin toss? I think the ref should just ask if there’s anyone who needs the rules explained.  If not, skip it.  It would save time.

3. Love the Pepsi ad with Bob Dylan (“Forever Young.”) Makes me want to drink Pepsi, but all we have in the fridge is Diet Coke.  Maybe tomorrow.  [Emma says: Diet Coke is soooooo much better than Pepsi]

4. I love super bowl food! -Emma

5. So far, most of the ads have involved bodily harm and/or insults.  I’m sorry…am I the only one who doesn’t find this stuff funny? The game is actually more exciting than the ads – 1st half, anyway.

6. Wow. Just wow. A 100 yard interception return.  Wow. I can’t stop saying wow.

7. The Pepsi “Forever Young” ad was the best of the first half ads. eTrade was second.

8. Did Bruce Springsteen just pole-dance with that microphone stand?

9. I’m surprised that the Boss didn’t play “Born in the U.S.A.” Not disappointed. Just surprised.

10.  Even the Southwest Airlines commercial was lame.  And their commercials are usually funny.

11. This is one quick Super Bowl.

12. Love the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin.  I know he’s acted like a jerk in his personal life, but I have to admit, I LOVE Alec Baldwin. He makes “30 Rock” so funny.

13.  Oh my God, the Cardinals are going to win this game (Cardinals just went up 23-20).

14. I just about had a heart attack leading up to that Steeler’s touchdown.  Woo-hoo!!! Game ovah.

15. OMG – that eTrade commercial with the baby in the golf visor was hilarious.  “It was on the cart path. Shankipottamus.”


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