A great day in the worst month

I think February is the worst month.  (I know, I know, I complained a lot about January.  But my birthday is in January, so there’s always at least one bright spot in the month for me.)  But February, despite the fact that it only has 28 days, always feels like a very loooonnng month.  But we are having lovely weather this weekend, and maybe February won’t be so bad after all.  And today is a great day, because:

1. I went for a run outside, for the first time since November. And didn’t have to worry about falling and breaking anything. (Well, because of the ice, anyway. There’s still my innate clumsiness to worry about.)

2. I can actually see that we have grass on the front lawn, as (almost) all of the snow is melted.

3. I took  the kids to the park (where they got really muddy.  But that’s okay.)

4. For the first time since mid-December, I wore real shoes outside, instead of my boring black boots.

5. The sun was shining all day.

6. David and Margaret picked up all of their toys without much prompting. (That had nothing to do with the weather.)

7. For the first time in about six weeks, not one person in our house has snot running down his or her lip, or a hacking cough.

8. Margaret took a nap! (Promising a trip to the park does wonders.)

Only 20 more days until March…



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2 responses to “A great day in the worst month

  1. hi….
    nice to visit your blog

  2. Hi there, happy birthday to you this month. I have a thing about the cold. I am scared of it. I do not know how to prepare for it.

    I grew up in the tropics and I still love the heat. So I live in Atlanta just so I can stay warm but instead, I tend to get sick. Last week Monday, it was 13 degrees. By Friday, it was 70 degrees. Go figure. That is “getting sick” weather.

    However, I know what you mean. I long for the Spring with the birds and the blooms.



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