But who am I really?

Sorry, folks, this blog post isn’t going to be funny. I’m not in a funny mood.

You see, my identity has been stolen. Again. I got a call tonight from a car dealer on the South Side.  A woman was trying to buy a car using my identity.  Actually, when her credit wasn’t good enough to qualify for the loan, she said that her “aunt” would co-sign the loan, and she presented my name, address, phone number, and social security number.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.  The first time was 13 years ago, when I got a call from a check cashing place that a woman was trying to cash an insurance check in my name, using a fake id. The check cashing place confiscated the id, kept my check, and that was that. My neighbor at the time had stolen the check from my mailbox.

This time appears to be worse.  I first got a call in December that someone had added herself as an authorized buyer to my Macy’s card, and was using it to purchase thousands of $$ of merchandise at Macy’s.  I did everything you’re supposed to do – I filed a police report, cancelled my credit cards, and placed a flag on all of my credit reports.

It was the flag on the credit report that saved me this time.  The finance manager called to verify my information.

I’ve worked hard to protect my credit.  And this makes me more valuable to identity thieves. If my credit was lousy, my information would be worthless. 

Having my identity stolen creeps me out.  It makes me paranoid. Is there someone out there watching me? Do they know how many kids I have, and their names and ages? What else do they know about me? Will someone not as scrupulous and honest as the finance manager allow them to do real damage? Is there more than one person who has my information, so that even if one is caught, others will attempt to do the same thing?

I’m not even going to get into the whole “why do some people think they have the right to take what isn’t theirs” thing. No, just not going to go there, because there’s no good answer.

Compared to the damage done to some people, I know that this is minor. And I’m grateful for that. But it still pisses me off.


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