10 Things I Don’t Understand

1. Why people go on talk shows if they don’t want to talk (Joaquin Phoenix).

2. Why potholes happen.  I know it has something to do with ice and snow but I don’t know what. Probably involves physics, the only class I dropped in college, because I couldn’t understand it.

3. What Rod Blagojevich is thinking.

4. Teletubbies and SpongeBob, Squarepants.

5. How the Internet works.

6. Why no one else can figure out how to make French Fries that taste as good as McDonalds.

7. Why the sink in the 1st floor bathroom is still clogged after three Drano treatments. Come on, it’s only toilet paper the kids put down there! (I think.)

8. Why ice keeps forming on the bottom of the freezer so that about every two weeks I have to hit it repeatedly with a meat tenderizer to get it to break up, and then I have to clean up all the ice.  I think we have a leak somewhere.

9. Why the only toy a child wants at any given time is the exact toy that the other child is playing with at said time.

10. What happened to the partners for the approximately 100 individual socks I have stored away in a plastic bag.  I know that as soon as I throw them away, those 100 partners are going to show up!


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