What a surprise…


Today, a list of things that surprised me about parenting:

1) Before I had children, I always imagined that my children would be exactly like me.

2) Once I had the amnio/CVS that determined that my children were “perfect”, I thought I was out of the woods.

3) I thought parenting would get way easier once the kids were out of diapers. (Actually, I still have one in diapers, so I’m still holding out a bit of hope on this one, but not much.)

4) I thought that if a child had a natural talent for something, they would automatically like it and stick with it.

5) I thought it was impossible to clean up someone else’s puke without actually puking myself.

6) I thought there was a direct correlation between good parenting and having calm, well-behaved children.

7) I thought parents loved each of their children in exactly the same way. (And I didn’t realize that loving them differently is a completely different thing from loving one more than the others.)

8) I had no idea that sibling rivalry is hard-wired, and doesn’t have anything to do with how much siblings like or love each other.

9) I thought that girls liked dolls and boys liked balls.

10) I thought that I’d be my children’s best teacher.

Boy, was I wrong…


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One response to “What a surprise…

  1. Chuckc

    “5) I thought it was impossible to clean up someone else’s puke without actually puking myself.”

    You can tell the parents – they’re the ones that reach for the projectile vomit so that it doesn’t get on the furniture/floor/car/kid.

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