I’d like to thank the Academy…

Observations from the Oscars (well, okay, from my living room watching the Oscars):

1. Can we just watch 3 hours of Hugh Jackman? Please?

2. Hugh has some white spit in the corner of his mouth, and it’s only the opening number.

3. Ok, Hugh chatting people up is getting really tedious.

4. OMG – what is Whoopi Goldberg wearing? She looks like a fur-covered animal.  Tilda Swinton’s attire isn’t much better, but at least she looks like a human.

5. Oh, nice. They had to show Angelina when Jen is presenting, didn’t they? Meow.

6. There’s a lot of beige going on. Must be the recession.

7. Best bit so far – Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix. And Natalie Portman was a good sport to go along with it.

8. If I admit that I really like Beyonce, does that make me a bad person? How about if I admit that I really like this production number?

9. Beige-a-vu. I’ve seen this color before.

10. Okay, my favorite dress so far is on the woman who won for best documentary short film.  It’s red and it’s drap-ey in the back, and it’s beautiful. It puts most of the other dresses to shame.

11. That Tom Cruise/Jimmy Kimmel ad for Jimmy Kimmel’s show was pretty funny.

12. When did Liam Neeson get so old?

13. Nice tribute to Paul Newman, and nice job by Queen Latifah, but otherwise that Tribute didn’t work, because you couldn’t read some of the names on TV.

14. Are Reese Witherspoon and Queen Latifah wearing the same dress? They both have those odd strap things. But at least they’re not wearing beige.

15. More beige. On Nicole Kidman.

16. Love Kate Winslet’s dress.

17. Oops. Anthony Hopkins is a “sir” as well (according to Wikipedia.) Maybe it’s not as important to him as it is to Ben Kingsley.

18.  Good show but not enough Hugh Jackman.

And it’s a wrap.


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