Deep pockets

Every couple of years, I feel the need to clean out my coat pockets.  Here’s what I found this morning in the pockets of my winter coat:

1) My crumpled-into-a-ball black leather gloves

2) My CTA card

3) My Blackberry

4) 6 1/2 used tissues (and I mean REALLY used)

5) One lavender “Dora the Explorer” glove

6) $.23 (two dimes and three pennies)

7) Two never-played-with Happy Meal toys (never figured out how they worked)

8) An empty Jolly Rancher wrapper (grape) and an empty Milky Way wrapper (wait, who put that there…I hate Milky Way bars). (And why does WordPress keep turning my “8”‘s into smiley-faces? It’s so stupid!)

9) A drycleaning receipt for $41.70. (Relatively new…dated last Saturday)

10) A pink post-it note with both cell and home phone numbers for someone named Laura. (Hmmm….No memory of that person.)

11) A folded-up black-and-white photo of Barack Obama (?)

12) A folded-up crayon drawing of a house, with the sun out, and me standing next to the house with the name “David” written on it. (Actually, it’s “Davi” oin one line and “d” on the next.)

13) A Chase ATM receipt

14) A black button (maybe from the coat?)

15) Two Jewel weekly supermarket lists

16) A crumpled-up coupon for $1 off Quilted Northern toilet paper (hey, expiration date 3/15…that one’s still good)

Wow – look how much thinner I look in my coat now!


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