Thursday Meanderings

1. This woman called 911 because McDonalds was out of McNuggets. Ridiculous. I mean, I can see if they were out of Filet-o-Fish, but running out of McNuggets is not an emergency.

2. I’m pretty tired of reading stories like this which suggest that one of the main reasons people survive accidents is because the thought of their loved ones pulled them through. Do we know that the people who die aren’t thinking about their loved ones? No, I didn’t think so.

3. Okay, I’m really, really, really thinking about never staying in a hotel again (or sleeping in any bed other than my own, for that matter) after reading this article about bedbugs. “Infestation” is something that is never a good thing.  “Leakage” is another.  Think about it. Never good.

4. Speaking of never staying in a hotel again, or never leaving the house, for that matter, I love this article from O Magazine by Lisa Kogan (who has no Wikipedia page, so therefore, no live link to her info.) I love reading about other people who have as little sense of adventure as I do. 

5. Wow – what are the chances that Barbara Bush and Robin Williams would have aortic valve replacements the same week? And they’re both Episcopalians too.  Freaky.

6. Tryingnottothinkaboutthestockmarket, tryingnottothinkaboutthestockmarket, tryingnotto………..

7. Is anyone surprised by this?

8. No link to the story above, but here’s a proposal by Eliot Spitzer on an alternative way to pay for college.  Your thoughts?


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