I’ll take my daylight in the morning

I don’t know who’s idea it was to move up the start of Daylight Saving Time, but I’d like to give the person a piece of my mind. 

First, some background. Each year, I’m caught off-guard by how much my body is affected by the change to DST (the change back in the Fall doesn’t bother me nearly as much.) I’ve been tired, crabby and out of sorts since Sunday.  Granted, there are other stresses in my life, but the only major change since the weekend is the time change, with the accompanying loss of an hour’s worth of sleep.  (It doesn’t help that it’s been raining two out of three days since the time change, but that’s another issue.)

I really, really hate it that it doesn’t get light until 7:15 a.m.  I realize that we get an extra hour in the evening, but come on folks, it’s March in Chicago. It’s not like we’re outside on the lawn in the evening enjoying the nice weather.  I’ll take my extra daylight hour in the morning, thank you very much.

The time change throws off my rhythm.  For one thing, the kids do much better when they can wake with the daylight.  With the change, this means they’re actually sleeping TOO late (please remind in October that I said that if I start whining about them waking up to early when we change the time back again.) Then we’re rushing everyone through breakfast so we can get dressed and out the door.

By this weekend, I’ll be adjusted to the new schedule. But I’m thinking of starting a petition to go back to a more decent late-March/early-April time change.

Anyone want to sign my petition?



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3 responses to “I’ll take my daylight in the morning

  1. You’d really, REALLY hate it in Indy. Today’s sunrise was 8:02am, nearly a full hour after you.

    Looking ahead to Oct. 2009, sunrises are between 7:41-8:12am every day.

    On the plus side, from June 16 – July 8th our sun sets after 9:15pm. I love that part. Good and bad to be so close to the time change line.

  2. Deborah Maue

    Ugh. That would be enough to make me move. Isn’t this whole Daylight Savings Time new to the Hoosiers anyway? I recall that it wasn’t too long ago that Indiana didn’t change the clocks – or was that just part of the state?

  3. Yeah, it’s fairly new. I remember when we moved here in ’07 from Illinois everyone was all fussy about the changes.

    When I was in Chile, they were on the same time zone as us. But when we go back an hour, they go forward an hour, so they are +2. Then when we go forward an hour, they go back so we are +0 again.

    Who gets to decide this stuff, anyway? It’s like picking hurricane names.

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