Feeling Pampered now

One person going out of his or her way can make all the difference.

I blogged earlier about my frustration with Pampered Chef; specifically, the Web site navigation, system deficiencies, and customer service wait times.  On Saturday, Tim ran into our friend Mark, who works for Pampered Chef, and told him about my frustrations.  Yesterday at church, Mark brought me a nice Pampered Chef bag, with a baking pan and a recipe book.  He didn’t have to do that.  I never expected him to do that.  I’m sure there’s nothing in his job description about fixing customer complaints.  But because he did that for me, I now have a positive impression of Pampered Chef, when I formerly had a negative one. 

I don’t know if that’s part of the culture at Pampered Chef (my prior experiences with them suggest that maybe it’s not part of the culture), or if it’s just Mark. But it highlights the fact that, particularly in the Internet age, we’re all part of the customer service departments of our organizations.  We may not be able to fix every problem, particularly in a big organization, but the small things matter.

Thanks, Mark.


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One response to “Feeling Pampered now

  1. Kelly

    I don’t know a whole lot about Pampered Chef, but I do know Mark is a pretty decent sort of guy. Given that he works on web programming for their internal network, I’d say making amends with customers isn’t in his actual description. More likely it’s the culture of Mark. But your point is well taken.

    Mark’s on Facebook, by the way.

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