A list of things I don’t do

My friend Stephanie commented to me on Saturday that she doesn’t know how I do all that I do.  I don’t think I do any more or any less than anyone else does, but I’m very intentional in deciding how I spend my time. (Other people may be every bit as intentional, but I don’t know, since I’m only in my own head and not anyone else’s.)  So then I started thinking about all of the things that other people do that I don’t do. Here’s my list:

1. I don’t clean. I don’t know how to clean. It runs in my family.  (My brother Fred commented one time that if my sister ever wanted to clean, she’d have to take out a book from the library on how you do it. This is true of me as well.) I’m not proud of the fact that I don’t clean, but it is a fact. My cleaning role model is my mom, who would have eliminated meat from the family table before cutting out the expense of the cleaning woman. I do clean the downstairs bathroom every couple of days, and I try to keep the kitchen clean, but other than that, it’s every two weeks when Todja, our wonderful cleaning woman, arrives.

2. I don’t watch much TV, and when I do, I’m intentional about what I watch. Thank you TiVo. (Just FYI, I watch “24”, “30 Rock”, “The Office”, and “Say Yes to the Dress.”)

3. I don’t allow my younger kids to participate in many activities. Granted, this will probably change once they’re in school, and want to take piano lessons, ice skating lessons and play soccer (although I can’t really imagine David playing soccer), and my schedule will have to adjust accordingly. But right now, they’re fine spending all of their free time at home. With me.

4. We don’t go out much. I am a homebody (more on this topic tomorrow, when I talk about my upcoming trip to Paris), and am generally exhausted on the weekends. Thanks to the Internet, I can keep in touch with people without ever leaving the comfort of my house.

5. I don’t ski. Not that people who do ski spend a lot of time doing it, but I just wanted to clarify the fact that I don’t ski. I will never ski. It’s way too dangerous, and it’s humiliating.

6. I don’t garden, decorate, do home improvement projects, or try to fix anything in my house that is any more complicated than changing a light bulb. If you want evidence, just come to our house and it will be immediately evident that I don’t do any of these things.

7. Except for groceries and health and beauty items, I rarely shop. (I find that not shopping really cuts down on the spending.) If I do need something, I buy it on-line whenever possible, and if that’s not possible, and I’m actually in a store, you might want to stay out of my way, because I am a woman on a mission to get in, make a specific purchase, and get out, in as little time as possible.

8. That said, I’m not a discount shopper. I don’t spend my valuable free time driving miles and miles to go to Costco so I can save money. It’s not that I don’t think they have great prices. It’s that I don’t have time to go to these places, and I have found that when I do go, I don’t save money, because I buy things like a 6-pack of duct tape, because it’s SUCH A GOOD PRICE. (Note: we will never use a 6-pack of duct tape in a lifetime – see #6 above.) 

What’s your list of things you don’t do?



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4 responses to “A list of things I don’t do

  1. i just can say “enjoy your beautifull live”

  2. Lin

    I’m with you on several counts in this post.
    -don’t shop except online and don’t discount shop
    -don’t clean my own house
    -don’t ski or do any other fantastic hobbies
    -the only TV shows I see are Desperate Housewives and occasionally the Colbert Report.

    I’ll add to your list:
    -I rarely serve a meal that takes longer than 30 minutes to prep and cook.

  3. Deborah Maue

    Responding to Deb’s March 18, 2008 admission to numerous non-housekeeping skill-sets:
    Yes, at heart she’s a ‘stick-in-the-mud’… then again, so am I… despite my persistent threats of leaving the house at 11pm on any given night to see Death Cab for Cutie at the Riviera, or Stabbing Westward at the Empty Bottle.
    Man, I must be married, or something…


  4. Betsy

    Apparently I rarely Facebook. I don’t watch TV drama, reality, or “vote ’em off the island ” shows and don’t play video games. Bar-hopping went on permanent pause a long time ago, along with walking the runways of Paris (as if). I have no time for coupon clipping, calorie counting, and coffee house computing, but am constantly conference calling. I don’t summit, though I regularly workshop, and occasionally retreat. Paris sounds awesome!

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