New and improved odds and ends

Not really, but I needed an attention-grabber

1. I enjoyed this post by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame. Normally, I don’t take seriously political commentary written by magicians, but this one is worth a read.

2. Today’s John Kass column in the Tribune explains why Rod Blagojevich beat out Paul Vallas for governor in 2002.  I really like Vallas, and he lost to Blago by only 25,000 votes out of 1.3 million votes cast. Lost opportunity for Illinois…

3. End of an era – My Nana would be heartbroken to know that Guiding Light was cancelled this week.   Nana loved her “stories”, and was known to get teary (we called it the “pink nose treatment”) during soap weddings.

4. Interesting Ad Contrarian (one of my favorite blogs, if you remember) post that should be required reading for anyone who works in marketing or advertising and/or thinks that 1) advertising is dead, 2) TV is dead, or 3) both advertising and TV are dead.

5. My friend Paul posted this YouTube video today.  Johnny Carson and Jack Webb at their best:

6. How the heck is Jack Bauer going to overcome Jakob-Kreuzfeld (or is it Kreuzfeld-Jakob) syndrome, a horrible, fatal brain disease for which there is no cure? He’s been in some big trouble on “24”, but this is BIG TROUBLE.


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