Friday, Friday

1. Does George Will really think that this is worth worrying about? Adults who wear jeans? Really?

2. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s Susan Boyle’s performance of “I Dreamed a Dream”, from Les Miserables, on “Britain’s Got Talent.”  (But be warned, you won’t be able to get the song out of your head. I’ve been trying all week, with no luck.)

And here is what Susan Boyle would look like with a makeover. (I’m not suggesting that she needs one, just pointing out that this is what she would look like, according to some.)

3. I’m pretty much over Twitter now that CNN and Ashton Kutcher had a contest to see who could get to a million followers first, and Ashton won. I find it really hard to believe (actually, I don’t find it hard to believe. I just find it sad) that a million people are interested in what Ashton Kutcher has to say.

4. Yeah, I’m thinking that it’s going to be awhile before I order Domino’s pizza again, given the recent YouTube video that’s been making the rounds. Here is an assessment by Joseph Jaffe, a social media expert.

5. Brilliant (as usual) post from my favorite cranky ad guy, about how the business potential of social media is all hype.



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2 responses to “Friday, Friday

  1. Scott

    Homemade Pizza Co. is the answer.

  2. Emma

    I actually care more about what ashton kutcher has to say than cnn. But of course, you already knew that

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