Bang, bang

David and I had this conversation in the car last week:

David: “Mom, we can’t have guns at school, only at home, right?”

Me: “Well, David, we actually can’t have guns at school or at home or anywhere.”

David: “That’s okay, Mom, I can just make a gun with my finger.”

Now I assure you, we do not now, nor have we ever, had guns in our home.  I’m not aware that we allow David to watch TV programs that contain guns or shooting. (Of course, there is the random commercial that comes on virtually every station.)

My friend Lin, who has two boys, warned me of this years ago – that it doesn’t really matter whether you buy them toy guns or not, they’ll just use a Popsicle stick or an index finger. It’s funny and frightening at the same time.

I realize that we live in a culture of violence, and because it’s everywhere, it’s difficult to shield children from it. But I also think that males are hunters. Just as you don’t need to teach a racehorse to run fast, you don’t need to teach a male child to shoot things (or pretend to, at least.) I’m not suggesting that we give up and give every male child a gun.  I will continue my prohibition of toy guns in our home.

I don’t know the point of all this.  Just that it’s complex, this issue of guns.



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2 responses to “Bang, bang

  1. Michelle

    Deb-I agree with you completly,I myself have 2 boys ages 14 and 6-and I swore they would never be allowed to have guns not even toy ones…Well wouldn’t yeah know it,my oldest had hunters safety course last year in school and tells me he wants to hunt>Oh how i cried,but this past fall his first buck season he comes home with a buck.When i saw the look in his eyes how happy he was,I cried again.So even though we do have guns in our home now,they are under like 3 different locks that only daddy holds the key too..I still am not happy with it,but your right boys love guns and whether they use finger or something else that looks gunnish they will find a way…Just teach and talk to them about gun safety till your blue in the face..And I tell myself that Me and Jim are good parents and our boys know right from wrong and they will be fine….

  2. Scott

    It’s a guy thing. You can’t fight it, you can only manage it. I’ll tell you a funny story about our nephew some time.

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