Rainy days and Mondays

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings.  I can laugh about it now. Maybe it was because it was a Monday, or maybe because it was rainy, or maybe because it was a rainy Monday.  But for whatever reason, everyone was crabby, including me. 

David was upset because of his loose tooth. His first loose tooth, to be exact. I’m not sure he realized that his teeth were going to get loose and fall out. (I don’t think it’s happened to any of his friends yet.) So the whole concept of having a loose tooth totally skeeved him out. He was moaning continously, asking unanswerable questions like, how many more days is it going to be before my tooth falls out?

Margaret was wanting me to hold her. Lying on the floor, yelling, I can’t get up! Every time I put her down, she screamed until I picked her up. Which was long periods of time, given that I needed to shower and get dressed for work.

So between the moaning and the screaming, it was quite loud.  (The kids were making a lot of noise too.  Ba dum dum.)

I had a moment of panic where I imagined that I’d never actually get out of the house. That Emma would come home from school at 6:00 and I’d be sitting on the floor, holding my knees, rocking back and forth, chanting, putonyourshoesputonyourshoesputonyourshoes.

Then I had another moment of panic where I imagined that every morning would be like this for the rest of my life. Or, at a minimum, the next year.

But get out of  the house we did. Wearing clothes, shoes, and even coats.

And today was a better day. We got out of the house with a minimum of fussing, procrastinating, and crying.

And we have 6 whole days until another Monday.


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