A letter to Margaret

Dear Margaret,

How did you get to be three years old already? It was just yesterday that you were newly home from the hospital, orange with jaundice, wearing those horrible bilirubin lights. (Note: we didn’t know that you had jaundice, as you didn’t look orange to us. We thought you looked perfectly normal. Of course, we laugh at the photos now, as there really was no mistaking the fact that you were totally orange.) 

And now you are three, newly potty-trained (well, mostly. As long as you’re thinking about it).  You are my fearless one, my gymnast, my child who laughs in the face of discipline.  And my parrot…your favorite phrase is, “Mommy. Listen to me.” You are stubborn and willful and funny and smart. And I love you just as you are, my baby who isn’t a baby anymore. 

Just so you know, I’ll be 62 when you graduate from high school.







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