10 jobs I’m really glad I don’t have

This morning I was thinking, “I’m really glad I don’t have to be Drew Peterson’s lawyer.” And that got me updating my list that I keep in my head of all the jobs I’m glad I don’t have. (Yes, I actually do keep lists of things like this in my head):

1. Drew Peterson‘s lawyer. (Or Drew Peterson’s wife, but that’s not really a job, per se.)

2. Bartender in a blues bar. One chord pattern, all night long. And I think bartending involves more multi-tasking than I can handle.

3. Window washer in the Loop. I’m not really scared of heights….but I think I might start to get a bit nervous paralyzed above the 10th floor.

4. Computer help desk person. Did you try re-booting?

5. Painter of the Sistine Chapel. I don’t like to paint ceilings. My arms get too tired.

6. Auto mechanic. I think we can all agree that I would not be good at this. It’s way too mechanical, and you have to get really dirty.

7. Truck driver. I don’t like to be away from home much, I don’t really like to drive, and I don’t think I’d be good at driving really big vehicles.

8. The person who comes and packs up your house the day before you move.  This takes way more organizational skill than I have (lots of “nesting” of things in other things that I don’t have the spatial capacity for.) And I don’t like moving. My own house or other people’s.

9. Astronaut. The whole having to be away from home thing again. Oh yeah, and the not being sure you’ll make it home alive part too.

10. Brain surgery. Talk about needing to pay attention to details. I’m more of a “big picture”/”give me the bottom line” sort of person. (Not to mention you have to be really, really smart in a way that I’m just not.)

What’s on your list of jobs you’re glad you don’t have?


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One response to “10 jobs I’m really glad I don’t have

  1. Diane K

    Top of my list:
    UA Tech. Someone who has to witness the production of urine samples from drug offenders for supervision purposes.

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