Happy Mother’s Day

Today, we have a guest-blogger: my neighbor and good friend, Pegeen Reichert-Powell, who also happens to be a very talented writer. She sent me this Mother’s Day “letter from her children”, and I asked if I could post it.

Dear Mama,

Thank you for always being there for me (except those times when I 
want to go to the park, but you absolutely have to get your nails done 
that afternoon).
Thank you for always being  my number one fan (except for that time 
you told me I’ll never be a professional football player, because I’m 
too little).
Thank you for always making me feel better when I’m hurt (except for 
those times when you’re drinking wine with your friends and you tell 
me that there isn’t enough blood to warrant a trip inside to get a 
Thank you for always taking care of me when I’m sick (except for those 
times you dose me up with children’s tylenol and send me to school).
Thank you for always having homemade cookies when I come home from 
school (except that you never do).
Thank you for always helping me with my homework (except for that one 
project that you could NOT stand to do, because it was too hard and 
you were mad at the teacher for assigning it, so you made Granddaddy 
do it for you).
Thank you for feeding me (frozen pizza again and again)
Thank you for clothing me (in clothes that are too small, because you 
haven’t had a chance to go through last year’s clothes).
Thank you for tucking me in at night (my favorite times are when 
you’re more tired than I am and you say “We can say two prayers 
tomorrow night.”)
Thank you for teaching me respect (like that time you crumpled up my 
favorite paper airplane right in front of my face because I wasn’t 
doing exactly what you told me to do.)
Thank you for being the greatest mom in the world (except that it’s 

Love, Charlie and Elizabeth

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers (and mothers-to-be) out there. And thank you Pegeen, for the letter.


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