The music that was missing

I recently realized that something was missing from my life.


Not piano music that I play, or church music that I sing. I have plenty of both of those kinds of music.

No, the music that was missing was the music that I like to listen to.  Since I stopped driving to work (almost four years ago), I don’t spend very much time in the car.  So I stopped bothering to put CD’s in the CD player. I just turned on the radio. And since the kids are frequently watching TV when we’re at home (okay, did I just really admit that? What I meant to say was that since the kids are frequently listening to educational CDs on the CD player), I can’t really turn on the CD player as frequently as I’d like to.

But I realized that I was missing my music.

I know, what you’re saying.  “Um, they have these things called iPods now.” And I know that would be the obvious thing to do. But somehow more urgent expenditures keep arising – like a new starter for the car, or a new tire for the car, or a new taillight cover for the car…you get the drift.

So I decided that I’m going to listen to music whenever I’m in the car, even if I only get to hear two songs at a time. And it’s making me really happy. Really. Happy.

Here’s what’s in my CD player right now:

1. Bruce Springsteen…”We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions”.  If I were going to be stranded on a desert island, I would take this CD.

2. Rod Stewart, “As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook, Volume II”.  It makes me laugh when he sings, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” with Cher. Great old songs, with Rod Stewart’s distinctive voice.

3. Lucinda Williams…”Little Honey”. Just got this and haven’t listened to the whole thing yet.  If it’s half as good as “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”, I’ll be happy.

4. Toby Keith…”Unleashed”. I just like the song “Beer For My Horses.”

5. John Rutter…Gloria: The Sacred Music of John Rutter”.  I know, and you thought the Rod Stewart one was dorky.

6. Emmylou Harris…”All I Intended to Be”.  Love Emmylou, but this one is new and I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet.

What’s in your car’s CD player?



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3 responses to “The music that was missing

  1. Maria

    In my (ahem) iPod–totally worth the money–Mary J. Blige is the queen. Only discovered her two years ago, but I play her over and over…I put my songs into playlists so I have lots of artists for particular moods: COUNTRY (for when I want to cry, which is often); CARDIO (self-explanatory); SMOKEY JAZZ (for, um, not so often now that I am married); etc… There’s nothing I hate worse than a fast song getting me all pumped up, only to have a tear-jerker from the same artist come on after it and mess up the tempo…

  2. Scott

    As you already have a BlackBerry, use the music player in it. It’s quite good, though not as slick as Apple’s devices, and you don’t have to carry around another gizmo. Also you can just move your CDs over to the BB (free!). I have about 20 albums on my BB.

  3. Scott

    And to answer your question, this morning I listened to Dire Straights’ Brothers in Arms album on the train. Doing the walk of life.

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