I love this dress

Usually, when something seems to good to be true it isn’t, but occasionally, it actually is.

I saw an adorable little black Norma Kamali dress in this month’s O Magazine (maybe you saw it – it was the issue with Oprah on the cover. Ha – a little O Magazine humor.)  I investigated, and it said was available at Walmart for $20. At Walmart. For $20. My local Walmart of woe (which has actually been remodeled and it’s pretty nice and it doesn’t have that awful smell anymore, so I guess I have to stop calling it the Walmart of woe) doesn’t carry the Norma Kamali line, so I ordered it from Walmart.com. (If you click that link, it will take you to the dress in black.)

It’s fabulous. The jersey material is nice and heavy. The design is slimming. And I love it.  (It fits pretty true to size  – I’m a size 10 and I ordered a Medium.) At $20, I may just order another one.

I would take a picture of me in it, but Emma took the digital camera to Ireland, so I’m camera-less.

It comes in olive as well (but if there’s one color I can’t wear, it’s olive.  People ask me if I’m feeling alright, because it makes me look queasy.)

Note: Walmart’s Web site is a little confusing, because they show different colors of the same style as completely different items, rather than showing you the color options on one page. I think they need to fix that.

Here’s what the dress looks like on the model in olive (not sure what that bump is on her hip, but I don’t get that bump on my hip when I wear it):




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2 responses to “I love this dress

  1. Denise

    You should submit your photo to Walmart and offer to be the new model to see if that hip-bump thing is stifling sales.

  2. Deborah Maue

    Yes, but my thigh bumps would probably create more problems for Walmart than her hip bump

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