Top 10 reasons I haven’t been blogging

10. Watching Thriller video over and over and over again, sobbing and eating popcorn.

9. Too busy consoling Patti Blagojevich on getting booted off “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” (Although, given the name, isn’t getting booted off the whole point?)

8. Hugh Jackman asked me to run away with him and had to go.

7. Was sitting on the veranda with a cool drink and a washcloth on my forehead. (I guess that would require a veranda.)

6. Making many trips to Wal-mart to buy up supply of Norma Kamali dresses.

5. Got lost in Ikea and took 3 days to get out. (All signs were in Swedish.)

4. Running the numbers with Mayor Daley trying to get these Olympic finances sorted out.

3. Trying to get caught up on first two seasons of Mad Men before new season starts August 16.

2. Had to go to Ireland to pick up Emma.

1. Spent the last three days cleaning out the basement, and organizing the house.

The real answer is #1. My wonderful sister and brother-in-law came out to help get the basement organized.  (No, we’re not moving. We had just tired of walking around the junk.)

We did spend 3 hours in Ikea that felt like 3 days. 

Sadly, no Hugh Jackman.


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One response to “Top 10 reasons I haven’t been blogging

  1. Nice 😛 It feels great when you get mess organised, doesn’t it?

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