Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Next weekend, I’m off to St. Louis for a three-day reunion with old friends (referring to the length of time we’ve known each other, of course, not our chronological age.) While I will miss my children, of course, there are certain benefits to a child-free weekend.  Here are the things I think I’m going to enjoy most:

1. Going to the pool with people who will not drown if I take my eyes off them for a moment.

2. Not having to cut anyone’s meat.

3. Not having anyone complain that there is meat on their plate.

4. Not hearing the worlds, “Mama, I need a towel. I spilled sumping.”

5. Waking on my own timing, not someone else’s (I honestly don’t care if I wake up at 6 a.m., as long as no one else is doing the waking.)

6. Not having to say the words,” Margaret, stop hitting David.” (I will be with someone named Margaret, but I don’t expect that she’s going to be hitting anyone.)

7. Not having to wonder where the wet wipes are.

8. Not being responsible for anyone else’s clothes, shoes or pajamas.

9. Not having to strap anyone into a car seat (or get them out again). (Just to be clear, though, I do think I’m going to be responsible for driving everyone around in the mini-van, as it’s the only large vehicle we’ll have. But that’s okay, because the others are capable of buckling their own seat belts.)

10. Not having to recite the list of TiVo-recorded “Back in the Barnyard” episodes several times a day.

I’m quite certain that I will eagerly anticipate the reunion with my kids. But there’s nothing like a few days off to make me appreciate it…


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