Odds and Ends and Odds

1. Like me, the Ad Contrarian has had a case of writer’s block. Or blog fatigue.  He’s now back after a month off, with this example of marketing at its finest. And I wonder why marketers get a bad name (especially from engineers, for some reason).

2.This spot-on animated parody about a social media guru, also found on the Ad Contrarian’s blog, should be required viewing for anyone thinking about hiring such a “guru”.

3. I must admit that I am really happy that Chicago did not get the 2016 Olympics.  I thought I’d be disappointed. But I was wrong.  I’ve had 46 happy years without living in an Olympic host city, and I expect I’ll have many more.  It would have been a huge hassle, it would have created a huge amount of debt, bad traffic, and attracted a bajillion (or should I say a brazilion) tourists. Meh.

4. Things I don’t care about: David Letterman’s sex life. Jon Gosselin. Kate Gosselin. Whether the Gosselin family TV show continues. Or Tom DeLay quitting Dancing With the Stars.

5. Overall, I’m disappointed in this seasons’ Mad Men.  There. I said it.

6. Readers of a Web site called Ship of Fools voted this the funniest religion joke ever told:

was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump. I ran over and said: “Stop. Don’t do it.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” he asked.

“Well, there’s so much to live for!”

“Like what?”

“Are you religious?”

He said: “Yes.”

I said: “Me too. Are you Christian or Buddhist?”


“Me too. Are you Catholic or Protestant?”


“Me too. Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?”


“Wow. Me too. Are you Baptist Church of God or Baptist Church of the Lord?”

“Baptist Church of God.”

“Me too. Are you original Baptist Church of God, or are you Reformed Baptist Church of God?”

“Reformed Baptist Church of God.”

“Me too. Are you Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1879, or Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1915?”

He said: “Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1915.”

I said: “Die, heretic scum,” and pushed him off.

Personally, I think this one is funnier.

7. 4 words that make me unlikely to read further: “Keith Olbermann’s plea for…”


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