Holiday Preparations…

6:30 a.m. conversation with David:

David:  Look, Mom! Here’s a pretty ornnament.

Me: Be very careful with that one, David. It looks breakable.

David: I’ll be very careful.


David (in a sing-song voice): Well, you were right!  It was breakable!

Overheard on the el this morning:

“So I said to Brad, ‘Why don’t we get them movie tickets?’ And he said, ‘You know, I don’t know if they go to the movies all that much as a family.’  And I said, ‘You know what…at this point I don’t even care.’ ”

Merry Christmas to you too….


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  1. Scott

    Many years ago Chrys was invited to a partners’ wives holiday luncheon at the country club (you can imagine). The table gifts were lovely tree ornaments. She put her ornament on the tree, but the next day it just popped off (probably a branch moved as the tree settled) and broke. Sadness. The next day on the Today show there’s a segment with this hot-thing ornament designer named Christopher Radko showing off his new collection. It was then we learned that a Radko ornament just broke in our living room. Don’t even want to know how much it cost.

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