Sick daze

We  are so fortunate that my kids rarely get sick. Knock wood.  Other than the occasional 24-hour stomach bug, or head cold, we have made it through the last several Winters with ease, illness-wise.

And now we are on Day 2 of the routine-variety 101-degree fever and nasty hacking cough. The fever responds well to Motrin (a wonder drug if I’ve ever seen one)…he’s basically a normal-acting kid with a cough while the drug is in his system. But the moment it wears off, the fever spikes again. Bad-dream, moan-in-his-sleep fever.

And on Day 2, I start asking the questions:

– Will I ever return to work again, and if so, when?

– Is it bad to fill him with Motrin tomorrow morning, and act surprised if I get the “fever call” from the nurse later in the day? (“Gosh, that’s so surprising that he has a fever!”) He was probably more contagious Monday at school than he would be tomorrow, after all. (She rationalizes.)

– What will I do if (more like when) Margaret gets it?

– What will I do if I get it? (Which is unlikely, as it seems to be striking only kids)

– Is it bad if I take him to run errands, so I can get out of this house for a few minutes?

– Will David’s ability to read and write with the letter M (this week’s letter) be affected by missing two days of school? (Future p/t conference feedback: “He’s so good with the other 25 letters, but “M” really trips him up.”)

– Does a child’s brain really turn to mush if he continually watches television for two days’ straight?

Tune in later to hear the answers to these and more exciting questions…


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  1. Anne

    I thought I was the only one who gave my kid Motrin and sent her off to school, since she “doesn’t have a fever”

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