Hearts and Hundreds

This week, David had to do a school project for “Hearts and Hundreds” day at school. (I’m not sure what the connection is between hearts and hundreds, except that Valentine’s Day and the 100th day of school both happen to fall in February. Who knew?)

So anyway, he had to find 100 things in the house and attach them to a giant pink cardboard heart. It could be 100 of the same things, or 100 different things, or any combination.

Now, the instructions said to “glue” each thing to the heart. Which I took to mean, “attach by any means necessary to make it actually stick to the cardboard.”

But then I found out from the teacher on Thursday that other parents took it to mean, “go out and buy a glue gun.”

This idea never crossed my mind.

(I would attach a picture of David’s heart here, except that I forgot to take a picture of it before I took it to school. Of course.)

So imagine a big pink heart with 100 pieces of popcorn, pennies, washers, Halloween stickers, alphabet stickers, and Cheerios. (True confession..it’s possible that it was actually 99 or 101 pieces. I found that it was very difficult to get an accurate count after about 65.)

Much of them stuck on with tape.

(I have to say that even if I had a glue gun, I think we still would have had to use tape on the popcorn, as I can’t imagine that even a glue gun would have worked.)

David, I’m sorry that you are stuck with such an art-challenged mother.  I would say that I would try to improve, except that my philosophy is that it’s better to spend your time trying to get better at things you’re already good at, vs. trying to be mediocre at the things you’re bad at.

This post turned out to be sort of rambling, but I’m just wondering…are you an “affix by any means necessary” kind of person, or a “go out and buy a glue gun” kind of person?



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6 responses to “Hearts and Hundreds

  1. Jen

    For future reference, I have a glue gun you can borrow any time! (although I didn’t use it for either of my children’s 100’s day projects, hmm.)

  2. Mary Austin

    Deb – had to laugh at the thought of popcorn on your chart. We did 100 pictures of dolls cut out of the American Girl catalogue (guess whos idea that was?) I kept it for a long time because I had worked so hard on it…. wish I had taken a picture too!


  3. Anna

    We’re more of a “if it won’t stick on with tape (or maybe old play-doh), then there’s always the staple gun” family. Stand back!

  4. Pegeen

    I’m the “curse the old bottle of Elmers for its dried out glue, yell at the house for who took the tape and didn’t put it back, and then come up with the brilliantly creative idea of 100 stickers” kind of person.

  5. Margaret

    I can’t believe that they ask 5 year olds to create something like that in the first place, which obviously requires a lot of adult help.

  6. Karyn

    Pegeen, you are my kinda woman!!!

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