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Drug-induced ranting

I just successfully purchased a box of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine, after being finger-printed and DNA-sampled.  Well, not quite. But close.

I guess I hadn’t bought anything containing pseudoephedrine in a long time. (I’m one of those people who prefers to groan about my symptoms to anyone within earshot, rather than actually taking something that would alleviate them.)  But having worked as a consultant for a major drug chain for several years, I was tangentially involved in the whole “move the pseudoephedrine behind the counter because teenagers are using it to make meth” initiative. But I guess I assumed that you just had to show your driver’s license to prove to the teenager behind the counter that you were 18 (as if anyone REALLY has to look at my driver’s license to be convinced that I’m 18, but whatever) and then you paid your money and left.

But no, I not only had to show my driver’s license, but the pharmacy assistant had to scan the back of it, then key in a bunch of info from the front of my driver’s license. Then I had to sign a statement that I didn’t really read, but was about some fine or something, which assume was the penalty for re-selling the pseudoephedrine-containing product to a teenager.  Which I’m not going to do, whether or not I sign the statement.

Really? Aren’t we going a little bit overboard? I can buy into having it behind the counter and making me show my driver’s license to prove that I’m 18. But scanning my license? Making me sign a statement, as if I don’t know that if I have to be 18 to buy the product I shouldn’t turn around and re-sell it to someone else?

But the bigger question is….is all this bureaucratic nonsense making any difference? Or is it just a huge pain in the ass to retailers and the average consumer. The last I checked, people who wanted to make meth (which just to be clear, doesn’t include me; Emma has a bad cold) were still figuring out how to get the raw materials.

Can’t we focus on more important things, like going around making Hispanic-looking people prove that they belong here? Oh wait, never mind.



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Easy Recipe – Adobo Chicken in the Crock Pot

My kids don’t like chicken in the crock pot, so I don’t make it much. But I found this easy recipe for Adobo Chicken in allrecipes and made it last night.  Everyone loved it (even David, my pickiest eater.)

1 whole chicken (3-4 pounds) – the recipe says to cut it into pieces, but there’s something about cutting through chicken bones that skeeves me out, so I just put the whole thing into the crock pot (after taking out the bag-o-stuff from the chicken’s “cavity”, of course)

1 sweet onion, sliced

3/4 cup soy sauce

1 cup vinegar (I used white wine vinegar)

lots of crushed garlic (ok, I cheated and used lots of garlic from a jar)

Put the chicken in the crock pot. Pieces. Whole. Whatever. Put the onion slices on top of the chicken. Mix together the garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar, and pour over the chicken. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

I served it with cooked rice (which I kind of burned, but we all ate it anyway). The sauce is really thin, so I poured it over the rice (which probably helped with the burnt issue).  I also served it with steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, which added some color to the meal.

Easy and delicious and lots of left-overs.


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What a difference a week makes

How is it possible that one week of Spring Break got us so discombobulated?

It’s not like we went anywhere, or did anything terribly exciting (save for one college visit.)

We mostly went to church (when you sing in the choir in the Episcopal church, Holy Week is pretty much a marathon of rehearsals and services which leave you scratching your head and wondering why you do it each year.) I went to work, the kids went to childcare, Emma slept in. No muss, no fuss.

And yet this morning, we were all crabby and tired. No one wanted to cooperate. (Not even the kids.) David, who loves school, didn’t want to go to school. (“But I already know all my letters. Why does she keep teaching them?”) Margaret clung to me at school (it was pretty much a cling-fest at pre-school, as we were not the only ones in our situation.)

The good news is that we’ll be back in the swing of things by tomorrow.  And into the home stretch, school-wise.  And then on to the glorious days of summer, when the routine will go totally out of the window…

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