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Don’t just do something, sit there

Since this is one of my favorite slogans, you’d think I’d do a better job remembering and living it.  And yet, as I sit here in my living room with sweat running down my back from goingtoJewelrunningtothehardwarestorechangingthecatlitterloadingthedishwasherandmarinatingthesteak, I’m reminded that I did it again.

Yet again, I’ve entered the weekend with list in hand, ready to GET THINGS DONE.  As if the goal of the weekend (or life, for that matter) was to see how much can be accomplished in a limited amount of time. Even though I know from the experience of hundreds of weekends that when I treat the weekend as a race to the finish line, I spend Monday tired and irritable.

I come from a family where efficiency was important. If you had suggested to my dad that perhaps doing something (mowing the lawn, running errands, getting to the cottage) as efficiently as possible wasn’t the main objective, he would have looked at you as if you had two heads.  With my dad (and with his dad) there wasn’t a lot of stopping to smell the roses.  Taking a different route just to get a different perspective.  Worrying about how the paneling actually looked vs. how quickly it could be done. (Guess what? The paneling didn’t look very good.)

So I come by it honestly. But that makes the habit that much harder to break.

To my credit, I’m making progress. Yesterday, I played Chutes and Ladders with the kids and it wasn’t even on the list. (Not that it was relaxing though, since I REALLY hate playing Chutes and Ladders. Maybe it’s because all that back-sliding down the chutes is so inefficient.) I had a lovely impromptu dinner outside with my friends.

So now I’m done for the weekend. As soon as I fold the laundry. And grill the steak. Okay, maybe I’m not completely done, but I’m definitely resting until 5:00.

And yes, “write a blog post” was on the list.


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Things I learned from my kids on Mother’s Day weekend

1. If you misplace your lost tooth, if you write a letter to the tooth fairy, she’ll come anyway. (Actually, I guess David’s the one who learned this, not me.)

2. There’s nothing wrong with you that a Band-Aid won’t make feel better.

3. If one Band-Aid is good, two is better.

4. I make the best pancakes in the world. (From David’s Mother’s Day letter to me.)

5. I look prettiest when I get married. (From the same letter. I’m flattered, but let’s not say any more about that one.)

6. A yellow plastic flower in a painted plastic goblet makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. (There was real soil in it. Not sure why that was necessary, but whatever.)

7. Even 16-year-olds want their mom when they don’t feel well.

8.  It’s possible for a 4-year-old to ride a bicycle around Walmart and not hit anyone. (A few people had fear in their eyes, however.)

9. Even teenagers think Betty White is cool. Which is cool. Because she is.

10. I’m the luckiest Mom in the world. Which I already knew. But it’s good to be reminded once a year.

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