We’re completing another school year today.  David’s first year of “real” school. Margaret’s first year of pre-school. Emma’s junior year of high school. (Okay, for Emma, it doesn’t completely end until Wednesday, but work with me here.)

And again, I’m struck by how fast it went.  School started. I blinked and it was Halloween. I blinked again and it was Christmas. I blinked again and it was Easter. I blinked again and school was ending.  Another year gone.

I have proof that time has passed.  David’s hair (more) and teeth (less) are evidence.

I know I’m not alone. I’m amazed by how many conversations include a reference to how quickly time passes. So forgive me if I’m stating the obvious.

I’ve had twelve years of start of school/blink/Halloween/blink/Christmas/blink/Easter/blink/end of school with Emma. I have one more and then she will be gone. On to the next phase of her life.  But I won’t think about that now.

I will think about today, as we enter the lazy, hazy, hot, humid, sweat-running-down-my-back-and-front-why-do-we-live-here (sorry, that’s a topic for another post) days of summer.  Of relaxed bedtimes and relaxed dinner times and what-the-heck-it’s-hot-let’s-eat-dinner-at-the-pool evenings.  Of sunscreen (I know that you’re supposed to use it year-round but I don’t, okay?) and damp beach towels and block parties and where’s my other flip flop?

Today it stretches in front of me.

If only I didn’t have to blink.


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