Things I’ve learned the hard way

1. No coffee after 6 p.m. if you want to sleep that night.

2. One more glass of red wine is usually a bad idea.

3. Nothing good happens after midnight. Only bad stuff. Go home.

4. Changing to the faster supermarket lane will automatically make it the slower one.

5. Listening to my gut generally gives me the right answer.  It’s when you talk yourself out of it (which I frequently do) that you get yourself into trouble.

6. I’m too old to buy clothes at Old Navy.

7. Life is too short to worry about whether your house is clean enough. (BTW – mine never is.)

8. Don’t pick at it. Just leave it alone.

9. Cleaning up the kitchen as you go along is way better than saving it all until the end of the evening.

10. When children are “too quiet” it’s usually not a good thing.

11.  Actions are way more important than words. (Although words can be a nice bonus on top of actions.)

12. Perfect people are really irritating.

13. Errands usually take longer than you think they’re going to. (Particularly if you forget #4).

14.The world always looks better after a good night’s sleep. (See #3).

15. If you’re thinking about going for a run, just go for a run and think about it later.

What would YOU add to this list?


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