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Molasses and salsa

September makes me want to get organized. To throw things out. To find out how many jars of molasses I have in my cupboard and put them all together. (4. I have 4 jars of molasses in my cupboard. All of them open. And I have 4 bottles of Worcestershire sauce, 8 jars of salsa, 4 large containers of Crisco and more bottles of vinegar than I can even count. And cumin. Man, do I have cumin.)

But I digress. (Maybe it’s been a few Septembers since I organized the kitchen cabinets.)

September makes me want to go through closets and get rid of things that don’t fit anymore. (Don’t fit the kids anymore, I mean. Of course, everything still fits me.) To get rid of the mountain of papers in the office. To organize and fold. To clean that utility closet that still sort of smells like the cat died in it  bad.

I’ve long thought that the Jewish calendar, with the New Year in September, made so much more sense than the random January 1 date in the middle of winter. (Of course, I realize that it’s not winter everywhere in January. Typical American-centeredness, I know.)

September, with its cool (er) nights and low (er) humidity (okay, on some days), gives me energy. The start of school makes me feel like it’s a new beginning. Like the world is full of possibilities. Like anything is possible. Like this is the year that I will get organized and stay organized. Like this is the year I will write songs, and write in my journal every day, and talk to all the people I care about on a regular basis.

Yep, this is going to be that year.

And in the meantime, just let me know if you need any molasses.


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Spinning the plates

One thing I’ve come to realize over the past few months is that people worry about me when I’m not blogging regularly. If a week goes by with no new posts, I start to get emails from friends and family asking if I’m okay.  Which is nice. It makes me feel cared for. And like my posts matter to some people.  So thank you for that.

So I want to let everyone know that I am fine. I have not gone off the deep end.

But I’ve gotten my ass kicked by Fall.

(I’m probably going to say “ass” a lot in this post, so if you don’t like that word, you might want to stop reading.)

In the Summer, I had myself convinced that I had everything under control. That I could continue to do everything that I wanted to do and still keep all the plates spinning (for those of you old enough to have watched Ed Sullivan.)  Yes, in the lazy days of summer, I was convinced that I could continue to blog regularly, and take piano lessons, sing in the church choir, take care of the kids, and cook healthy dinners. And oh yeah, work full time.

And then September kicked me in the ass.

The arrival of school (including moves from pre-school to kindergarten and from day care to pre-school) brought a cyclone of activities, with curriculum nights (funny, I don’t remember my mother ever going to kindergarten curriculum night. Or any curriculum night. But I digress…) Cross country (for Emma) and soccer (for David.) And let’s not forget the Kindergarten Homework.

Then there are the activities created by the “back at it” nature of Fall.  Hey-we-haven’t-had-book-club-all-summer-let’s-get-together.  That-planning-meeting-at-church-that-we-put-off-yeah-we-should-probably-do-that.

Then there are the Fall birthday parties. I don’t know whether there are more kids with Fall birthdays, or it’s just that every kid with a Fall birthday has a party, but there are a lot of birthday parties (including David’s.)

Then there’s the increased activity (doctor’s appointments, physical therapy) caused by Emma’s back injury, which isn’t Fall-related but happened at a REALLY BUSY TIME. (Note to Emma: no more water-skiing.)

Many days I feel like I’m doing a pretty half-assed job at keeping all the plates spinning.

I have simplified.  I am taking a break from the non-essentials. I’m taking a break from piano lessons. I’m not going to choir rehearsal on a regular basis. And I’m not even running as much as I was. And we know I’m not blogging much.

But we are managing. Actually, we are thriving. We are all healthy (except for Emma’s continued back problems.) Somehow we get to school and work every day. David loves kindergarten and is doing great. Margaret loves pre-school and is also doing great.  Emma is loving her junior year. I’m very happy at work.

Things should get easier when Emma gets her driver’s license next week. (Did I just say that?) And things should calm down after October.  When we’re used to the schedule. And the back-to-school activities cease. And all we have to do is get ready for the holi…

Never mind.


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