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Summer fantasies

Ah, the fantasies of summer.

Each year (round about April) I have this fantasy of the way summer is going to be. Long, lazy days with no homework, no 8 a.m. school arrival times, no cross-country practice, no ACTs to prepare for. No food-service cards to recharge online. No keeping track of when pajama day is. (Or when show-and-tell day is. Or what the show-and-tell theme is.) No identifying 15 things in the house that start with the letter Y.

Nothing to do, nowhere to be. Late dinners of simple, grilled food. Trips to the pool after dinner. Relaxed bedtimes. Relaxed wake times. Low stress.

And I count the days until the end of school.

At which point reality sets in.

8 a.m. school arrival times (to the elementary and preschools 6 short blocks from our house) are replaced by 8 a.m. (ok, “-ish”) arrivals at the day camp program (a 20-minute round-trip from home). And the same trip in the evening.  Homework is replaced by swim lessons four nights a week. The camp also has pajama day. And super hero day. (Which I forgot have no memory of ever knowing about.)

Grilled food is actually a rotating selection of pizza/macaroni and cheese/scrambled eggs after swim lessons. Relaxed bedtimes are actually hurry-up-it’s-late-and-you-have-to-get-up-for-camp. Post-dinner trips to the pool are replaced by I don’t even know what.  Relaxed wake times are not possible because…oh yeah, I still have to go to work in the summer.

High humidities eliminate any hope of low stress. (Stop touching me.)

So here I sit on August 3, fantasizing about the start of school and the start of Fall. Counting the days (or at least the weeks) until we are back in our regular routine. Dreaming of cool nights and cool mornings. Of school shoes and new backpacks. Of hot dinners in the crock pot. Of seeing the other school moms on a regular basis.

And in my Fall fantasies… it will be perfect.


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We’re completing another school year today.  David’s first year of “real” school. Margaret’s first year of pre-school. Emma’s junior year of high school. (Okay, for Emma, it doesn’t completely end until Wednesday, but work with me here.)

And again, I’m struck by how fast it went.  School started. I blinked and it was Halloween. I blinked again and it was Christmas. I blinked again and it was Easter. I blinked again and school was ending.  Another year gone.

I have proof that time has passed.  David’s hair (more) and teeth (less) are evidence.

I know I’m not alone. I’m amazed by how many conversations include a reference to how quickly time passes. So forgive me if I’m stating the obvious.

I’ve had twelve years of start of school/blink/Halloween/blink/Christmas/blink/Easter/blink/end of school with Emma. I have one more and then she will be gone. On to the next phase of her life.  But I won’t think about that now.

I will think about today, as we enter the lazy, hazy, hot, humid, sweat-running-down-my-back-and-front-why-do-we-live-here (sorry, that’s a topic for another post) days of summer.  Of relaxed bedtimes and relaxed dinner times and what-the-heck-it’s-hot-let’s-eat-dinner-at-the-pool evenings.  Of sunscreen (I know that you’re supposed to use it year-round but I don’t, okay?) and damp beach towels and block parties and where’s my other flip flop?

Today it stretches in front of me.

If only I didn’t have to blink.

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