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Today is my day

Earlier this year, I became aware of a blogging project called the 3six5, in which two self-described media geeks, Len Kendall and Dan Honigman, set out to create a 365-day blog, with a different author each day, writing about whatever struck them that day. When I became aware of it, there were still days available, so I signed up for a date. Which got changed at pretty much the last minute. So today was my day. Which happens to be my mom’s 85th birthday.

I was so nervous that I’d have writer’s block that I hardly slept last night. Technically, I had until 8:00 this evening to submit my post, but I knew that I would obsess about it all day until I got it done. So, fueled by coffee, I wrote and submitted my post. It’s not my best work, by any means. But it’s heartfelt and true, and represents what I’m thinking about today. On my mom’s 85th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Thanks to you and Dad for giving me a strong sense of what home should be, so that I could create a home here in Chicago.

I’m honored to have been part of this project. If you have time to read some of the posts, I think you’ll find it worth your time. There are many wonderful stories. Most better than mine. But for what it’s worth, here’s mine:

Deb Maue – the 3six5


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